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Modular In-plant Offices

Strip Doors

Pallet Jacks

Inca Brand Racks

Recycle & Tilt Trucks

50P-16 Recycle Truck

Poly-Trux units are extra rugged, especially engineered for recycling and general material handling.  They were designed with the help of some of America’s leading users and their customers.  Optional features include additional casters, special lids, chutes, and interior partitions.

50P-16 with split Lid

54P-16 with one-piece Lid



Special-Purpose Units

47P Utility Truck
Tapered Hopper Bottom

50P-16 Utility Truck

44P Utility Truck

41C Elevated Truck

60P Sling Container

27P14 Small-Piece Truck

Nesting Flare Truck

25P24 “Rising Platform” Truck

75P Sling Container

“Hamper Host”

54P-40E Utility Truck

54P Utility Truck

28P18 FWI
“Rising Platform”

Model 39 Nesting Truck

22N/22P Truck

Electric Pallet Jacks

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