Dock Boards/Plates



  • Up to 17,000 pound capacity
  • More durable aluminum construction
  • Complete perimeter weld for aluminum curbs
  • Will outlast competitor’s steel curbed models
  • Lifting Chains Available

Aluminum Dock Boards are essential for loading and unloading anything between a truck and a dock. Our high strength aluminum welded on curbs preserve the life of the dockboard and keep the board lightweight. We don’t use steel bolt-on curbs because of the characteristics of aluminum itself. As the forklift moves over the dockboard, the base flexes. With steel curbs, that don’t flex, the attachment bolts become loosened as the connections get bigger with the flex of the base. Having aluminum curbs fully welded onto the deck allows the dockboard to flex with the weight and makes sure the forklift stays on track. This curb design adds to the strength and durability of the dockboard and actually reduces the overall weight.

Made from high strength aluminum, our dockboards can handle up to 17,000 pounds. This means that the entire load can be on the dockboard at once. Our actual capacities differ from some competitors as they assume only two wheels of the load will be on the dockboard at once. We’ve gone through our testing assuming the entire load will need to be sustained, therefore including an extra margin for safety.

Sizing your Dock Board:

  1. Determine the Capacity – add the weight of the forklift and the weight of the maximum load.
  2. Determine Width – the width of the dock board should be at least 18 inches wider than your widest equipment passing over the board. Remember, safety curbs take up 6 inches of usable width, a 60 inch dock board has 54 inches of space.
  3. Determine the length – you need to know the maximum difference between the height of the dock and the height of the highest truck bed.
    1. Max truck bed height
    2. - dock height
    3. Difference =
  4. Use the chart below to determine the type of dock board to use


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