Hamilton Casters

  • Outscored the other key producers of casters in every category!
  • Awarded Ohio’s highest manufacturing honor, the Governor’s Trophy
  • The Hamilton Caster labor-management team was acknowledged for their accomplishment for restructuring the swivel caster manufacturing process
  • Hamilton Casters increased caster productivity and other efficiencies in the caster manufacturing process
  • Hamilton Caster is so certain in the quality and stamina of its Hamilton casters and Hamilton caster wheels that Hamilton is the only caster manufacturer proposing a 3-year product warranty on most forged steel Hamilton casters & industrial Hamilton caster wheels

Hamilton casters include:

  • Heavy Duty Forged Hamilton Casters: Maxi-Duty Casters (20,000 lbs. capacity), Precision Super Duty Casters (5,000 lbs. capacity), Extra Heavy Duty Casters (4,000 lbs. capacity), Champion Casters (3,500 lbs. capacity), Advanced Duty Casters (2,600 capacity), Extended Service Casters (2,400 lbs. capacity), Forge Master Casters (2,200 lbs. capacity), Heavy Service Casters (2,000 lbs. capacity), Workhorse Casters (2,000 lbs. capacity) and Spring Loaded Casters (floating axle cushions load)
  • Kingpinless-Style Hamilton Casters: Super Endurance Casters (5,000 lbs. capacity) and Endurance Casters (3,000 lbs. capacity)
  • Light Duty Casters: Hi-Lo Casters (400 lbs. capacity), Leader Casters (375 lbs. capacity) and General Utility Casters (325 lbs. capacity)
  • Stainless Steel Hamilton Casters: Workhorse Stainless Steel Casters (1,600 lbs. capacity) and Stainless Steel Casters (800 lbs. capacity)
  • Dual Wheel Forged Hamilton Casters: Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Casters (12,000 lbs. capacity and Forged Steel Dual Wheel Casters (4,000 lbs. capacity)
  • Flanged & V-Groove Hamilton Casters: V-Groove Casters (16,000 lbs. capacity) and Flange Track Casters (7,500 lbs. capacity)
  • Medium Duty Hamilton Casters: Standard Duty Casters (900 lbs. capacity), General Service Casters (900 lbs. capacity), Medium Service Casters (900 lbs. capacity), Whirlaway Casters (550 lbs. capacity), Thread Guard Casters ( 1-1/2” wide caster wheels), Thread Guard Casters (2” wide caster wheels) and Vanguard Casters (1,600 lbs. capacity)

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