Colson Casters

Colson Casters defines innovation. Founded in 1885, Colson Casters offers 35,000 different state-of-the-art Colson Caster models for casters and caster wheels. Colson Casters Inc.’s applications include custom casters, automotive casters, construction casters, medical field casters, institutional casters, food service casters, aerospace casters, entertainment industry casters and retail fixture casters.

Colson Casters innovation includes “Impak Heavy Duty Kingpinless” casters with Endura caster wheels that provide the best rollability and swiveling ease of any caster wheels on the market. The Colson Casters wheels are available with swivel or rigid flat mounting plates. The Colson Caster wheels’ top plate is 3/8″ steel with a zinc plated finish and double ball hardened swivel raceway wheels construction. The formed fork legs feature robotic welding inside and out of the Colson Caster wheels. The Colson Caster wheels include recessed zerk grease fittings to prevent damaging wheels and easy maintenance using Colson Casters’ 45 multi-temp grease lubricant designed exclusively by Colson Casters. Colson Casters’ Impak Kingpinless casters offer 4500 lbs. of wheel caster capacity.

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