NASHVILLE, TN – They say time flies while you’re having fun, but it can also pass very quickly if you’re hard at work.  Just ask the folks at ADD-Vantage Casters in Nashville.  In just over three years, this caster and material handling distributor has grown to become the largest Colson distributor in middle Tennessee.

caster4With over 30 years of combined caster sales and manufacturing experience, owners Charles Winn and Lee Harrison started the company in early 1998.  Headquartered in a 5,000 square feet office and warehouse space, ADD-Vantage Casters is centrally located near downtown Nashville at 64 Nance Lane.  From this modern facility, the company serves material handling customers throughout middle and east Tennessee as well as southern Kentucky.

Thousands of caster models. ADD-Vantage began business with one caster3 of the largest initial stock orders ever placed by a new Colson distributor, and this inventory has since doubled in size.  As a result, they have thousands of caster models from which to choose. Whether a customer needs one tiny chair caster or hundreds of heavy-duty casters for a factory, ADD-Vantage can supply a quality Colson caster to fit their application.

In fact, the company stocks almost the entire Colson caster product line from 1-Series light duty casters to 7-Series models rated for loads up to 4,500 pounds per caster.

Since ADD-Vantage is committed to the best possible customer service, many caster models can be shipped out the same day they are ordered. For rush orders, the company will even make free deliveries in the local Nashville area.

If a customer needs samples or requires on-site assistance, ADD-Vantage will send a representative to make a recommendation on the caster model needed. They will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Inventory flexibility is the key. Nearly all of the company’s caster inventory iscaster6 maintained as component forks, wheels, bearings and axles. “This gives us total flexibility to custom build the caster that is perfectly matched to our customer’s needs,” says Winn. “A hospital, for example, may need a caster with a quiet cushion rubber wheel while a metal stamping plant down the street may require a heavy duty caster with a Maxim wheel,” he explains.  “We can fill their orders quickly and efficiently with the correct caster that will do the best job for their application.”

To the casual observer, casters may appear to be a very simple product, but the wrong caster for an application could result in severe floor damage or expensive factory downtime, Winn points out.

“We realized that this area needed a company that did more than just supply a caster,” he adds. “We saw an opportunity to provide service and expertise to back up each sale. Our company has recorded steady growth based on service before, during and after the sale.

Caster know-how. The staff at ADD-Vantage knows casters and wheels inside and out. Winn has over 20 years caster experience. He served as a Colson inside Sales Coordinator for many years.  He later worked as a Colson District Manager serving customers throughout several southern states.

caster2Lee Harrison was formerly employed by Colson as a Sales Coordinator where he worked with Colson customers all over the U.S. and the world. Tylon Mintz works as an outside salesperson for the company.  He formerly worked for a material handling distributor in North Carolina, and he brings with him a wealth of caster knowledge and experience.

Ric Hunt, Sha Pardue and Jeff Tisdale are the most recent additions to the company.  Ric serves as an outside sales rep; Sha Pardue is the office manager and receptionist while Jeff Tisdale is warehouse and inventory control manager.

Casters are everywhere. “We find that the middle Tennessee market has a real need for a quality, recognized line of casters like Colson,” Winn notes. “Almost every business in this area has a need, sooner or later, for casters.”

“We presently supply casters to local bakeries, hospitals, metal fabricators, auto plants, glass plants, the music industry, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and more,” he continues.

Casters & material handling products. “We are primarily a caster house,” says Winn. “This is and always will be out primary focus. However, we do stock several allied product lines such as caster5hand trucks, pallet jacks, pallet racks, high-performance shipping doors, loading dock equipment, lift tables, shelving and conveyors.”

Whether the need is for casters or other material handling items, the staff at ADD-Vantage has developed a “roll-up-their-sleeves” attitude. “This is and will continue to be the key to our continued growth and success,” says Winn.  “Our company is driven by people with integrity, honesty and discipline to provide total customer satisfaction.”


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